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  • How do I register for new questions and answers? (demo)
    Purchasable locations will continue to be upgraded. - Kyobo Bookstore Hottracks Major Stores (Gangnam, Jamsil, Mokdong, Yeongdeungpo Times Square, Dongdaemun, Cheonho, Cheongnyangni, etc.) - Linko store (COEX Branch) - Major online stores: Search Zero G Ball on Naver. ( Naver Smart Store / Coupang / 11th Street )
  • Where is the origin of Zero G-Ball?
    Zero G Ball is a domestic product made with pure domestic technology and capital. A product developed in Korea based on a domestic patent, All parts and assembly are made in Korea except for German ink.
  • How do business alliances or cooperation proceed?
    Welcome marketing cooperation or partnership with ZeroGball. Feel free to submit a suggestion and we will get back to you shortly after reviewing it. Proposal email:
  • I would like to become an agency or sales agent.
    If you would like to become a distributor or sales agent, please contact our head office We will give you detailed consultation about the conditions and methods.
  • Are promotional items or bulk purchases available?
    You can. For promotional items or bulk purchases, please contact us and we will give you detailed advice.
  • Is it possible to ship overseas?
    Currently, purchase and delivery are only available in Korea. Overseas purchases are available through Amazon USA.


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